No Digital Day

As a millennial, unplugging from all my media devices can sometimes be difficult. However, attempting to get through a day without using screen-based technology or accessing social media didn’t seem so impossible. I was wrong. In this 21st century world everything is run by technology and unless you’re going to go live on a farm […]

Wikipedian Culture

As a new member of Wikipedia, I began to consider what its like to be a female contributor to the site. There have been plenty of articles detailing the culture of Wikipedia, specifically how there are more men who contribute than women. This didn’t sit well with me so I began to research the degree […]

Blame the Bots?

Recent stories have emerged where twitter bots have posted threatening posts and the bot’s creator was blamed. Such stories like when twitter bot @jeffreybrooks posted a death threat which stated “I seriously want to kill people,” ignited debate on who is responsible for its actions. When the news broke there were many opinions as to whether […]

Just Some Babel

Could you imagine a world in which we all spoke only the same language and had the same exact culture? This idea had not occurred to me until reading about the Tower of Babel. Essentially, in the book of Genesis the bible talks about how after Noah and his family left the ark, God wanted […]